Latest Model HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop Review

Best Music Laptop - HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop
The HP Spectre is definitely a laptop to consider if you’re on the lookout for a new device!  Suitable for all kinds of multimedia applications, the HP Spectre is a super powerful laptop that operates more like a tablet so it is ultra portable, but can handle all those large music files and videos with no problem.


HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop

It is affordable and implements a series of modern features that easily place it in the best laptops on the market. First of all, you’ll notice the design. The Latest Model HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop is absolutely amazing with its compact and slim design that makes you think of a MacBook. We loved the metallic finish, the touchscreen feature, and the backlit full size keyboard that makes music production so much fun!

HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop – Ultra Portable

It’s true, the display is only 15.6 inches, but this shouldn’t be seen as a disadvantage. The Latest Model HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop is designed to be extra portable so you can actually transform it into something that resembles a tablet. It won’t be quite as light as a tablet, but with the possibility to rotate the screen around its axis offers better access to the touchscreen. Even more, it only weighs 3.2 pounds which makes it hard to believe a great configuration could actually fit inside.

HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop – what’s inside?

But HP did it! The Latest Model HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop runs on an Intel Core i7-6500U with 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD for extra transfer speed. If it were to put together all the amazing features, you’ll see that you receive both portability and power. And all these can be purchased for under $1000. The price is very good for a laptop with these features, and you could reasonably expect to pay a lot more.

Latest Model HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop Review - best music laptop

If you’re not convinced, let’s talk a bit about the configuration in detail. The Intel Core i7-5500U processor runs at 2.5 GHz but it can be boosted up to 3.0 GHZ. This is an impressive speed for a laptop this size. It runs on 14nm technology, supports 4M of cache and has 2 physical cores and 4 threads. The processor is completed by 16 GB of RAM and one SSD of 256GB. The storage space may seem limited, but you earn in speed of transfer.

HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop – Multimedia specialist

The 15.6 inch display is not extremely suited for working long hours, but it’s great for entertainment.  Also great for creating music, playing music, or streaming music!  Because the Latest Model HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop is very portable you can watch videos, chat on Skype or participate in a video call from anywhere. The Radiance full HD Infinity LED-backlit touchscreen display supports 3840 x 2160 pixels meaning your videos and photos will look sharp and vivid. To complete the set, the laptop is equipped with HP TrueVision full HD WVA webcam with integrated dual digital microphones.

The Latest Model HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop is easy to pair with other devices as it has the following ports:  3 USB 3.0, 1 Mini Display, 1 HDMI, and multi-media Card Reader. You will notice the absence of the optical drive unit, but this is not an option for slim laptops anymore.


Verdict – HP Spectre Touchscreen LaptopBest Music Laptop - HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop

The Latest Model HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop is certified updated and runs Windows 10.  In conclusion, if you travel a lot, or go to conferences often, or simply like to hang around the house and talk to friends, the Latest Model HP Spectre Touchscreen Laptop is the perfect choice!



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