Dell Alienware ALW14-2189sLV Review

Welcome to the DELL Alienware ALW14-2189sLV.  This machine is the latest offering from the makers of the finest high end laptops.  The Alienware ALW14 is a fierce competitor amongst laptops that are engineered for demanding performance, especially for high end  users and those who like to take their machine wherever your music gives you inspiration. Although it comes in a in a compact 14 inch laptop it still offers very powerful music and video editing performance and the usual Alienware brand appearance.

I just Love Alienware ALW14-2189sLV

This is not the only Alienware machine we have reviewed here at, and even though Alienware are more renowned amongst the gaming community, we are more convinced than ever that these powerful machines are perfect for use as a home music production studio – read on, and we will have a look under the Alien head!


Dell have released this latest offering under the pedigree Alienware brand, and it will not disappoint!  The Alienware ALW14 fits neatly between the flagship 15 inch laptop, and the smaller and more versatile 13 inch.  However, with the ALW14-2189sLV, there is no compromise whatsoever, and it lacks nothing when it comes to power and performance.  It is fitted with a magnificent 4th generation i5 Intel Core processor and partnered to a dedicated 12 GB DDR3 memory chip, as well as 750 GByte Hard Drive.  The on board horsepower is matched to excellent graphics powered by NVIDIA GeForce 650M graphics video card which has its own 2GB GDDR5 cache – there is literally nothing holding it back!

Well Built Alienware ALW14-2189sLV

As is typical with a Dell Alienware device, the ALW14-2189sLV is built with the very best lightweight materials, with a sturdy frame, as well as protective casing.  All metal construction on the outside, but also makes clever use of metallic copper components such as the latest technology heat sinks to provide the best cooling properties.  And the benefit of using all of these high technology materials and components is that it will last much longer than the usual laptops on the market, and this can actually save money in the longer term.


And that is the biggest benefit, even though it costs a little more at the beginning, once you have set up your mobile music production studio, you won’t need to change for many years, as the super fast components and excellent graphics will be more than adequate for years to come.

Not only is the hardware designed to give you the ultimate user experience, but also the software comes pre loaded with the Alienware ALW14-2189sLV, which is designed to keep this machine buzzing along at high speed.  The benefit for the user is that it can handle as much music production and video editing capacity as you could ever handle, and if you get really large files to manipulate, you can set this machine to do the large file processing with total confidence that it will finish the task, no long how it takes!
Oh YES – look at this ultra incredible display screen!  We would expect nothing less as Dell Alienware is the market leader in revolutionary laptop design, and with this one, you really get what you pay for.  Super clear images, IPS technology, and a 14 inch screen that is sure to impress. Plus you get awesome audio with a reactive Sound Blaster with 3D sound and Studio Pro Software – this machine is bound to get you excited!


What else do you get with Alienware ALW14-2189sLV?


Although considered merely as a laptop, the Alienware ALW14 is really much more capable than the average laptop on the market, and is really better described as a notebook standard device.  Not only does this machine look good with its distinctive Alienware appearance, but the ALW14 is very portable and versatile, which means you can be free to use this machine however it best suits you.  It weighs in at around 2 kilograms, and just under 3 cms thick, so it is not the smallest or lightest machine on the market, but just consider how much power is packed into such a small package!


As described before, the Alienware ALW14-2189sLV is equipped with a high density screen, and even though you might be used to using a larger screen, the 14 inch monitor on this machine seems to offer much more than its size would suggest.  Ultimately, you would have to decide whether this size monitor is adequate for your individual circumstances, but from my experience, it is an excellent device, and you can always add a secondary monitor for your home office.  Dell offers fantastic graphics performance, and it is more than capable of driving multiple monitors at the same time.

Don’t forget, this machine is made to attach as many of the latest gaming peripherals so it has ample provision for connectivity, such as 3 USB ports, a dedicated display port, and an optical DVD drive.  The machine is built for wireless connectivity and runs seamlessly from either WiFi or Ethernet cable, and also supports wireless Bluetooth connections for whatever devices you wish to add.


Summary – Alienware ALW14-2189sLV

The Alienware ALW14-2189sLV provides the very best combination of brute power, but also convenience and versatility.  You will absolutely love the visual acuity of the 14 inch monitor, and the overall package is very well put together.  This laptop is expensive, but it is aimed at those who need performance as well as portability.  For the money, you get incredible capability, including processing power, lightning fast memory, awesome graphics and excellent audio.

You know what they say – if you want to do the job properly, you need to sharpen your tools and the best tool in your music production studio is the Dell Alienware.  If you are a perfectionist, and if you want to perform at your best, then you simply can’t go past the Dell Alienware ALW14-2189sLV. Protection Status


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