Best Laptop for Music Students

With so many choices – What is the Best Laptop for Music Students?

If you are a music student, then you most likely have creative talents beyond most ordinary scholars.  If you have chosen to do a music major in college, then you have probably got a discerning ear for quality audio products.  If you are a musical scholar, then you probably have a strong desire for a computer that has the power to assist your creative musical talents, rather than hinder.  You probably need reliability and portability, to go along with your musical imagination.  So, for these reasons, I have explored some options for the best laptop for music students, and there is bound to be something to suit your individual needs.


How can you compose music on a Laptop?

Not so long ago, music was composed in a studio, and it required specialist equipment, expensive hardware, and high quality production methods.  This came at a very high cost to compose and record music.  These days, anyone can compose their own music, record their own instrumental sounds, and produce their own music CD on a laptop.  All you need is decent laptop with high performance and a lot of storage space, and you have your own personal music studio, right at your fingertips.


What Musical Requirements do you want from your laptop?

best laptop for music students

If you have musical talents, then you probably have individual requirements that you expect from a computer platform. If you are a musical genius, you probably have zero tolerance for slow response times, or troublesome software or glitches?  Am I right?  You need a computer that can keep up with your inspiration, and you need a machine that won’t let you down.  These days, laptops come with amazing built in capacity, both in terms of processing power and storage space.


What are the hardware requirements for the best music laptop?

The specifications for the best music laptop always depend on what you need your laptop to be able to do.  If you need to study music script for music class, or if you are studying classical music at college, or if you need to record a track for a music assignment, if you want to do music lessons on your laptop, then you will need a decent performance output.  No matter whether you want a music studio at home, or to play a tune in music class, you want to have the best music laptop at your disposal.

Generally speaking, laptops are harder to upgrade as there is not much space inside the box.  So you should aim to buy a more capable machine so that you have all the power and speed you need for now as well as into the future.  The good thing about laptops is that are good for connectivity and built in WiFi, so you can use all sorts of add on peripherals, such as wireless speakers, big screen, removable hard drive and so on. My advice is to pay a little extra up front to keep you happily making music in the longer term – sounds like music to my ears!


What software do music students need?

If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, or if you want to record and edit your own musical compositions, there is software that can make your life a breeze.  What you need to be sure of is that your laptop can handle the processing requirements of large files and multi-tasking.  You need a laptop than can handle whatever software you choose, and something that can grow as your skills and experience grows.


So What is the best laptop for music students?

1. Apple MacBook Pro

If you want discerning and intuitive computer technology, then it is hard to beat the Apple MacBook Pro.  In terms of intuitive programming, processing power and reliability, nothing beats the latest MacBook Pro.  As we all know, it can be frustrating beyond belief when you are in an inspired musical moment and the computer freezes!  Or you are in the middle of an important composition, when suddenly the little wheel starts spinning in the middle of your screen.  That is not acceptable!   But there is a way to protect yourself from unexpected wipe outs.  An Apple MacBook Pro laptop doesn’t crash when the power goes out!

The MacBook Pro is built for people with strong imaginations and creative minds.  Perfect for the music student, the latest MacBook Pro from Apple is made to be easy to use, so that you can concentrate on creation, and no worried about the operating system.  The MacBook Pro is one of the most powerful laptops on the market, and will instantly convert your ideas into reality.

The MacBook Pro was designed for excellent audio, and superb video quality, so that you can create, design, and record your musical compositions.  The philosophy behind all Apple products is that the machine becomes your artistic outlet rather than a struggle to make it work.  With the MacBook Pro, you can record and edit both audio and video files with ease, and no matter how long the composition or how large the files, you won’t have any trouble with glitches or slow downs.

Choose whatever software you need from the app store, as you can find plenty of paid apps and even some free apps to help with music recording and editing.  Apps like GarageBand is built for making music on your own laptop, and other apps like this make it easy for music students and recording artists alike.

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2. Apple MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is one of the lightest and most powerful laptops you can buy.  Without a doubt, the best way to go in terms of creativity and portability is to get a laptop that you can work on at home, and take with you to class each day.  This means that you can take your work and projects with you each day, and if you want to continue with your favorite project in between classes, at least you can pick up and continue where you left off.  The best thing is that a MacBook Air doesn’t stop working when you are away from home!

If you are learning a musical instrument, you can simply download software that can help make that process a breeze.  Simply check in the app store for some of the options that are available for your chosen instrument.

The apple MacBook Air is a little more affordable than the newest version of the MacBook Pro, but still a very capable machine for the money.

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3. Dell XPS 9343 UltraBook

If you prefer to use a windows machine over a Mac, then there are some equally capable laptops that can fulfill your musical potential, check out the Dell XPS 9343.  This incredible laptop offers sensational processing power in a very small package that is very portable and easy to take with you each day to music classes.

You will be sure to impress your music student friends with the superb graphics images, video quality, and computer horsepower that this little Dell XPS machine can offer.  You will have no trouble editing and recording large files, music streaming, or even using the latest software for learning a musical instrument.

The Dell XPS 9343 is an intelligent choice of laptop for music students and music lovers alike!  Click here to read our in depth review of the Dell XPS 9343.


4. Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch

Although the Lenovo X1 may surprise some as to our choice of “best laptop for music students”, there can be no doubt of the incredible power and versatility offered by this lightweight laptop.  Inspired by the great IBM machines of the past, the Lenovo brand is now manufactured in China to the same high standards, and is sure to impress.

Don’t let the small size fool you though, the Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch contains more power under that diminutive lid than seems possible.  But it is possible, as the X1 carbon touch is powered by the latest and most efficient processor on the market – the superb Intel i7.  This is backed up by a lightning fast 8 GB RAM which compliments the super fast processor just perfectly.  What you get is seamless operations that go as fast as your musical talent, and you will never be held up, or curse that your creativity is lost waiting for your machine to keep up with you.

Very small and light, the Lenovo X1 is perfect for music students on the go, and your can carry it in a small pouch, a handbag, or in your backpack, and it certainly won’t drag you down!

Check out our in depth review of the Lenovo X1 Carbon touch.


5. Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV

We couldn’t go past the opportunity to show case one of the superb Alienware laptops as something to enhance your musical experience.  Although not a lightweight laptop, the Alienware AW15R2 is built to last, and built to perform.  The inspiration for the Alienware brand was born out of gaming requirements, but before dismissing that, let’s look at the details a little more closely.

Gamers need power.  All good computer gamers use buckets of software, they love quality graphics and they generally use up lots of processing power.  Depending on what you use your computer for, I know there are lots of music students as well as talented music lovers who have the same need for computer power and excellent graphics.  In fact, music students and computer nerds have lot in common in some ways, and you just can’t have too much computer power.

And this is where the Alienware AW15R2 comes into its own.  Alienware is built for high performance with the biggest and most powerful internal processor money can buy, ample on board memory to keep things buzzing along, and simply superb graphics.  The Alienware AW15R2 is the envy of all computer users, and if you need the extra power to record and edit your best musical productions, then the Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV is the best way to go.

Click here to read our full review of the Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV.


6. HP ENVY 15 Extreme

Hewlett Packard make an excellent range of HP laptops which have superb multi-media functionality and lend themselves to the best music laptop category.  The HP Envy 15 is a highly capable machine that can do anything.  You will find this machine has enough horsepower to record music, playback tracks, and even run music composition software, all at the same time!

The HP ENVY comes with excellent graphics and audio features and even includes an audio microphone. The best feature for a music laptop is the brilliant audio quality from 4 stereo speakers, which is not offered in most laptops.  The HP Envy can absolutely blast out quality sound at high volume with the BEATS AUDIO software, which comes fully installed.  The HP ENVY 15 provides many great features as standard, and will definitely be an asset for all music students as well as music lovers task management.

Feel free to read our in depth article on the HP Envy 15 Extreme, here at Best music Laptop.



And our last recommendation for best music laptop belongs to the ASUS ROG, which gets its name from Republic of Gaming.  Again, don’t prejudge a gaming laptop as being an unnecessary indulgence, when in actual fact, a high quality gaming machine can be put to excellent use for music students also.

The ASUS ROG GL502VS comes with a built in 1 TB hard drive and a super fast Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz processor.  This means you can compose musical scripts, record music tracks, or learn to play a new musical instrument on this laptop, and you will never experience lagging or glitching.  The ASUS ROG comes with serious audio output and an excellent HD graphics display, both of which turn your music classes into a pleasurable experience. The ASUS ROG is simply one of the biggest and best music laptops for music students.

Here is an example of quality build and design.  Gamers and music students alike don’t want to be distracted by extraneous noise, such as rowdy hard drives, and whining fans.  The ASUS ROG is designed with advanced cooling efficiency which keeps the fan noise to a minimum.  Advanced hard drive technology means you have zero noise from the hard drive, and even the battery life is optimized for maximum efficiency to keep your music playing for longer.

So although the ASUS ROG GL502VS was designed for gaming specialists, it is equipped with enough high quality features to make this one of the best music laptops for music students.

Click here to check out the ASUS ROG at Amazon. Protection Status




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