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Do you need all out performance from your laptop for music production? Should you go for a lightweight laptop that is easy to carry around with you?  Are you sick and tired of carrying a heavy laptop each day?  Do all of your friends have a nice lightweight laptop computer to take to college music classes?

Well, why not have the best of both worlds?  You can have power AND a lightweight machine!  No-one said you had to choose between one and the other.  These days, there are some incredibly powerful machines that will perform all the musical programs that you need, and they can come in incredibly small and lightweight packages.  Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!  So which is the lightest laptop computer on the market?

Top 5 lightest laptops for college music students

There are several options for high powered machines which are designed to be extremely light and portable.  For example, the invention of the tablet computer has changed the way we use computers, and has revolutionized the way computers and software are developed these days.  In addition to tablets, we have the ultrabook range of lightweight laptops, as well as the hybrid machines, and even the all-in-one computers can offer some advantages to college music students.

No longer do you have to choose from the traditional range of laptop computers, and not only have laptops become lighter and thinner, but there are several options for extremely small and lightweight laptops that can do the job.  Not only are these lightweight machines very capable, but they also look smart, to go with the high power output.  If you want to look good and sound good, then there are some excellent lightweight laptops to suit your needs.

All your college student music requirements

If you are a college music student and if you need to travel to college for your music classes, then you need portability as a priority.  However, the requirements of a music laptop are also important, and this means you have to have enough horsepower to drive whatever music software that you need.  This can involve a large amount of data processing, or CPU intensive computing, and a large capacity hard drive for storage of music files.

Music Production software

You might like to load up all your favorite music production software, whether it be for processing music files, or saving music tracks, or even learning to play an instrument or how to read music.  Whatever laptop you need for college music classes, you need to be confident that it can handle all of the processing requirements, as well as the storage for all your musical files.  Of course you need a laptop that will not suddenly go slow, or show the spinning wheel right in the middle of music production software.  And you need it to look good!

The best way to answer some of these questions is to check out some of the best and lightest laptops that are suitable for your college music requirements:

1. Samsung TabPro S 4G

From Samsung:  Prices vary from $650 up to $1800 for the 4G model

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro can substitute for a laptop because it is an extremely capable machine.  It is actually better described as a hybrid tablet computer because it comes with a fold out keyboard, and is a very versatile machine.  It has all the on board power requirements covered, as well as the portability of a tablet.  To make it easy to work on the run, The Galaxy TabPro comes with a 4G option so that you can stay connected to the internet wherever you go.

In terms of power, the Samsung TabPro comes with a 128 GB solid state Hard Drive which makes it run very fast.  The stunning 12 inch touchscreen makes it a pleasure to look at, and the 10 hour battery life means you will never run out of juice.  The Sumsung Galaxy TabPro comes loaded with Windows 10 Pro operating system and offers you everything you need to start college music classes.

Click here to check out the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet computer before you start your college music classes.


2. Razer Blade Stealth

From Razer :  Under $2000

In terms of a more traditional laptop configuration, one of the lightest and most high performance computers on the market, is the Razer Blade Stealth.  Designed to meet the stringent standards of the Ultrabook range, the Razer is a very capable machine, measuring a mere 13 mm thick, and includes a 12 inch touch screen which is a fantastic asset to have in a laptop.

The range of Razer laptops is famous for gaming applications, and this means they offer some of the best processing power and graphics performance on the market.  The Razer Blade Stealth is more than capable of satisfying even the most discerning college student.  In fact, the Razer Blade Stealth would have to be one of the most powerful laptops for college music students, and will never get lost in the middle of a large music file, or video editing, or whatever task you want to run on this machine.

The Razer deserves its reputation as one of the lightest and most versatile laptops on the market as it is slimmer than a MacBook Air, and comes with better features than most other laptops on the market.  In fact, despite its small size and lightweight construction, it has more powerful on board components, excellent connectivity, and more than enough features to keep all music students happy.  The Razer Stealth is so called because of its whisper quiet operations, Intel core i7 processor, and solid state memory.

All of that adds up to stunning performance at an economical price, which is the most important thing for a laptop for college music classes.

As if that is not good enough – it looks good too!  The Razor Blade Stealth is an excellent opportunity for music students who want one of the lightest laptop computers on the market.


3. HP Spectre x2 4G

Around $1100 and up to $1700 for the 4G

Have you ever considered a hybrid tablet laptop for college music, and to take with you to music classes?  Well, the HP Spectre x2 is an innovative solution which is actually a detachable computer which is convertible.  So this means that you can use it like a normal laptop (a very lightweight laptop!) as well as a tablet computer with just the touch screen separated from the keyboard.

The HP Spectre is a very stylish package, with excellent components, so that you know that this is not intended to be a toy!  It is all about high performance computing, and that is why this is an excellent laptop for college music lessons.  The HP Spectre comes with a flip up kickstand which can be adjusted to whatever viewing angle suits you best.  This means it is more versatile than a normal tablet, and even comes with a full sized ergonomic keyboard, which feels like working on a much larger machine.

However, it is important to remember that this little machine is based on a tablet, and therefore has all the performance of a laptop, but comes packaged in the size of a tablet.  The HP Spectre x2 is extremely thin, and much lighter than even the lightest laptops on the market.  It has the full operating capability of a laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro operating system, and has the connectivity to the internet and the outside world via 4G functionality.  The HP Spectre x2 is a fantastic computer for college music classes.


4. Apple iPad Pro 9.7

Apple: under $1000

Do you remember when the Apple iPad was first released on the market?  Although it seemed to be originally perceived as a bit of a toy, or good for playing Angry Birds on, maybe it is time to have another look!  Still one of the lightest computers on the market, the latest iPads that have been released by Apple are now fully capable machines, with excellent options for music students, musical editing, and for recording musical scores.

In fact there are two iPads to chose from, the iPad Pro 9.7, and the iPad 12.  So if you want to be totally mobile, and take your tablet or laptop to college music classes, then the iPad Pro 9.7 may fit your requirements, as it is the slightly smaller derivative of the full sized iPad.  If you prefer the full sized 12 inch touch screen, then the iPad Pro12 may suit you better.  But either way, the iPad Pro is an extremely versatile and lightweight option when compared with other laptops for college music students.

The iPad Pro range are extremely powerful computers with a built in A9X processor, partnered with a M9 co-processor.  These fully integrated computer chips will provide you with all the power you need for making music, recording large music files, learning an instrument, as well as for entertainment options, such as streaming music clips, or mocies, videos, etc.

Although the screen and keyboard are a little smaller than some of the options we have compared in this article, at least you know that the Apple iPad 9.7 is the lightest laptop for college music classes.


5. Apple MacBook Pro

Around $1000 – $2000

We just couldn’t go past the Apple MacBook Pro as one of the lightest laptops for college music students.  For a long time, Apple promoted this machine as the lightest machine available, and even if that is no longer the case, the MacBook Pro is still one of the contenders for lightest and most powerful laptops for college music students.

Apple have recently upgraded this already capable machine into one of the most powerful and portable laptops for college music students.  Although it comes with a hefty price tag, this machine is a very well designed system, with fully integrated processors, superb graphics, as well as on board data storage that is well suited for music production and video editing or whatever you need for your college music classes.

Better still, the Apple operating system comes with everything you need to get up and running, and there are some excellent musical apps that you can download from the Apple App store 1yagdsf.  Apps such as GarageBand are highly recommended for any laptop for college music classes, and will help with any musical aspirations that you nay have.

The Apple MacBook Pro is more than capable of handling music production, music recording, video editing, or even for assignments or even learning a musical instrument.

If you want the best laptop for college music classes, then the Apple MacBook Pro has you covered.


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