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Apple MacBook Pro Review

Apple MacBook Pro Review – Latest News

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                 MacBook Pro – 13 inch

Are you a fan of the Apple MacBook Pro?  Are you looking to upgrade to the latest Apple MacBook Pro, and want to know a little about the latest technology to be included?

Well, Apple have recently updated the MacBook Pro, the first upgrade in four years, and the latest release of the popular model will feature touchscreen keys.

What else can we expect to see?

Can Apple MacBook Pro go any thinner?  According to the rumors, yes it can!  The latest update of the MacBook Pro is expected to be even thinner than before, and feature a touch strip for the function keys.  So that means the keyboard can be smaller and thinner.

Bigger and Better Graphics


              MacBook Pro 15 inch

In a major move to win fans, and convert PC users over to the MacBook Pro, Apple have been rumored to have provided a more powerful graphics processor which is sure to be a big winner with all of the gamers out there.

And that is where Music lovers and gamers can really get excited.  Music producers and recordists will be well pleased with the performance of this machine because all that extra processing power means that we can run music production software with even more speed and reliability than before.  If your old machine needs to be upgraded, then what better way to increase your music recording speed and productivity than to upgrade to the latest and improved MacBook Pro!

With more on board processing capability, we can expect the latest MacBook Pro to be faster and more efficient in terms of processing power, and the ability to multi task more efficiently than even the previous model.

When you need to process large files, you need to be able to use your machine for other things, even if simply for email and web browsing while the music track is processing in the background.  The ability to set your large files running in the background and come back to them later to check on progress is a real plus, and means the MacBook Pro is a real winner in terms of user experience.


When can we expect to see the new  Apple MacBook Pro?

The only problem is that we don’t know when to expect the release of the next update to the MacBook Pro.  In line with tradition, Apple tends to save up its big release around the latest generation of the iPhone, and only after that can we usually expect to see tablets and laptops released.

What will we see exactly? Apple MacBook Pro 13 AND 15 inch

What we can expect to see are updated and upgraded MacBook Pros in both the 13 inch and 15 inch size ranges.  Both will be slightly slimmer than their predecessors but you can expect the keyboards to be more streamlined and more efficient due to the function keys moving to the touch screen location.

There will definitely be an upgraded graphics chip, produced as usual by AMD, and this high performance chip will provide a boost for gamers and high intensity users alike.  Intel are still expected to provide the central processor, but any improvement on that side has been kept under wraps.


Other Innovations on the new Apple MacBook Pro

The updated MacBook Pros will feature new and innovative technology such as the multi functional communications ports, known as USB-C.  The latest and greatest USB ports will be able to perform data exchange, power charging, and for connecting up to alternative graphics displays, all in one.

How do you like to manage your device security with thumb print scanning?  Apple is likely to roll out the latest security features onto the MacBook Pro range, which will allow you to login much faster, but maybe you will also be able to speed up transactions such as payment approvals or other such features, that require you to have a safety lock over.

Look out for the new Apple color range, such as the new gold and silver options that have been added to the iPhone and iPad color range.


Latest Apple MacBook Pro – Summary

Even though Apple probably expected tablets to take over the laptop market in the future, the wonderful versatility of the Apple MacBook Pro has meant that Apple is intent on extending the life of these excellent machines.  The incredible processing power and speed of these machines has meant that customer demand for an upgraded model has been ongoing, and is likely to continue the production of the MacBook Pro into the future.

Get ready to upgrade your machine to the next model Apple MacBook Pro.

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